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Market Muse

Market Muse

Make Content Your Competitive Advantage. The AI Content Intelligence and Strategy Platform that transforms how you research, plan and craft your content.


  • Content Strategy
  • E-Commerce
  • PR
  • SEO

Use Case

  • Content audit
  • Content briefs

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Client Types

  • Content Agencies
  • In-house Marketers


Content Optimization Tool

2015 - Present - 5 yrs
Boston - New York

Find gaps and opportunities for new content creation prioritized according to their probable impact.

Write High Quality Content Faster - Optimize live with our built-in editor, showing how in-depth your topic is covered and what needs improvement.

Streamline Your Content Workflow - Modernize your research, writing and editorial processes. Give your content team the exact tools they need to create A+ content substantially faster.

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Company: Market Muse Inc.


Payments Accepted:

  • Annual Payments