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Accepting new clients

Example Client Experience in the Clothing Vertical

We’ve done work in 40 countries in many different languages:

  • ASOS
  • Jack Wells
  • Birdie’s Shoes
  • H&M
  • Mini Mioche

Typical Client Size of Clothing Brands Duane Works With

  • < 1million/year – 500m/year

Do you see small(er) brands having a chance in an industry dominated by old / established companies? 

  • Yes, definitely. Everyone uses H&M and Amazon but also local, small niche brands, especially in Canada. Canadians like to buy Canadian-made products; Americans want to buy American-made products. If you build a niche brand at 2, 3 even 4M/yr with 2-3 on your team, that can be very profitable.

Tactics Specific to Clothing

  • It’s essential to understand how people search, especially their keyword combinations (e.g., blue jeans / various cross modifiers around colors, etc. )
  • Good to know when to manage and when to turn on automated shopping campaigns and shopping ads.
  • We tell clients all the time to focus on the product that sells well with ROI and don’t over-focus on the 1 item they might be trying to push. Test up to 10 at a time over advertising the 1.
  • Shopping feed optimization is especially important in this niche. We have a lot of experience optimizing them: Product Titles, Customer Labels, and Product Images
  • Building or having a custom checkout can help drive more revenue by increasing your conversion rate

Using your Google Shopping data to build out your other Google ad placements


  • E-Commerce
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Social Media Marketing


Montreal, Canada

Consulting Status

  • Full Time Consultant
  • Accepting new clients

Client Examples


Project Minimum: $10,000
Monthly Retainer Minimum: $3,000

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Project or Retainer

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