Floutwork is a desktop app that streamlines online workflows by providing users with the necessary tools to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. It eliminates friction and distractions, allowing users to focus with intense concentration and complete tasks in record time. With Floutwork, users can easily view and add tasks, set goals, and track progress. The app helps users stick to their planned day by finding the best times to complete tasks, even with a busy schedule. It also allows users to instantly access web apps and work within Floutwork, eliminating the need for multiple tabs and reducing distractions.

Floutwork offers powerful tools such as a command bar for quick actions, split views for multitasking, a built-in Notes app, and simplified email management. By providing a centralized platform for managing all tasks, Floutwork simplifies work and increases efficiency, allowing users to manage all their work in one streamlined app.


Use Case

  • Reporting

Client Types

  • Freelancer
  • SMB
  • Consultants


Productivity Desktop App


2022 - Present - 1 year

Floutwork is a SaSS business. Hand crafted and designed by Daniel Sudhindaran seeking to improve PC and Mac based workflows.

Floutwork Profile

Company: Floutwork

Website: floutwork.com

Payments Accepted:

  • Monthly Payments