Publisher Monetization University

Website Monetization and Managed Advertising Programs

Course Curriculum
What Is Managed Advertising?
Beyond Google AdSense: What Else Is Out There?
Programmatic Advertising: How Managed Advertising Get Priced
A Tour of the Ad Auction: Different Types of Bidders
Navigating Google AdSense Approval
Measuring Performance
Recommended Resources and Vendor Links
Where Do We Go From Here?
Advanced Display Advertising
A Tour of Premium Ad Networks
Premium Networks: The Big Three
The Other Option: Move Toward Google Ad Exchange
Monetization: Onward and Upward
Direct Sales and Sponsored Content
Types of Advertising and Content
What You’ll Need: An Established Audience
What You’ll Need: Marketing and Relationship Expertise
Key Considerations
Strategies for Becoming Successful
Intro to Affiliate Marketing
How Affiliate Marketing Works
What Does An Affiliate Marketer Do?
What Kind of Content Works?
Understanding Affiliate Program Compensation
Strategies To Help You Become a Successful Affiliate
Affiliate Programs To Get You Started
E-commerce and Selling Physical Products
E-commerce: Picking What You Want To Manage
Publisher Strategies for E-commerce and Physical Products
Picking Your Battles: The Mathematics of Winning
Managing Risks
E-Commerce Resources
Getting Started and Going Forward
Digital Products
Examples of Common Digital Products
What Publishers Need To Get Started
Strategies To Build a Successful Digital Products Business
Resources and Places To Get Started
Memberships & Subscriptions
Examples of Common Subscriptions and Community Memberships
What Publishers Need To Get Started
Strategies To Build a Successful Subscription Business
Resources and Places To Get Started
Lead Generation Strategies
Designing a Lead Generation Strategy
What Publishers Need To Get Started
Strategies To Build a Successful Lead Generation Business

Website monetization, like many other areas of digital publishing, should be thought of as investing: specifically, you’re investing in growing your business. Think about how you built your blog or publishing business. Most of us started as writers or video creators, possessing the skills needed to create basic content about a topic. Over time, we acquired additional skills that helped us grow our business more quickly (SEO, social media, and email) or operate more efficiently (WordPress, video editing, and outsourcing). As we progressed, we combined these skills to create a competitive advantage.

Publisher Monetization University, the Content Connect guide to website monetization, takes a similar approach. We’re going to start with the basics of website monetization, which are the simple managed advertising programs that require minimal effort from you. These are enough to start generating income without you having to learn additional marketing or technical skills. However, there are higher levels of monetization you can unlock once you master the basics. These may require you to learn new marketing and technical skills, which you can combine in order to grow the commercial side of your business.

As the principal investor in your business, you’ve got a strategic choice to make: Given a limited number of hours to spend on your digital business, do you earn more from accelerating your content creation (more traffic) or going deeper on monetization (more profit per visitor)?

With that in mind, let’s explore the most basic monetization option: setting up a managed advertising program.


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Dave Snyder
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