How to Create “Sessions”

First off, what is a session?

A session is simple a set of time spent against something, whatever it is. It doesn’t really matter. Its a 3:00 – 4:00 PM Session covering a topic of choice.

When livestreaming ‘sessions’ we have some tips for setup and for subscribership/call-to-action/messaging.

Steps to Create Your Own Recipe

  1. Talk about something you’re passionate about. No doubt you likely know a lot. But find things your are passionate about that you have deep understanding of.
  2. Cover these topics in a cycle. Meaning cover them over and over again against different example set/criteria. Remember this is livestreaming, so contents shelf life is small.
  3. Spice things up – even though you cover topics in cycles you shouldn’t be so predictable. Play with your surroundings and note subtletees to your audience.
  4. Plan – but don’t over plan. This shouldn’t be overly scripted but whatever you’re doing/demonstrating likely you have done 100+ times otherwise it might be awkward as you stumble around covering your topic.
  5. Timeliness – Don’t worry about setting a strict time, as this keeps obligations to a minimum but setting a time/schedule in advance can help your audience ‘tune in’.
  6. Use Banners accordingly to ‘announce’ tune-in times for your Sessions.


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