How To Stream With Twitch and OBS

Build an audience today using free software. We document the process to leveraging OBS and Twitch to facilitate streaming professional content.

The Network
The Streaming Application
  • Section 1: The Software Setup
  • Section 2: What should I stream?
  • Section 3: Streaming on Consultdex

The Software Setup

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Connect your Twitch account to OBS

Step 3:

  • Setup OBS – You will likely want a Video Capture Device, Image (logo, branding) and a Window Capture (showing some part of your desktop if its a show and tell)

Consider Your Content Hook

  • Talk about something you’re passionate about. No doubt you likely know a lot. But find things your are passionate about that you have deep understanding of.
  • Cover these topics in a cycle. Meaning cover them over and over again against different example set/criteria. Remember this is livestreaming, so contents shelf life is small.
  • Spice things up – even though you cover topics in cycles you shouldn’t be so predictable. Play with your surroundings and note subtletees to your audience.
  • Plan and Prep – but don’t over plan. This shouldn’t be overly scripted but whatever you’re doing/demonstrating likely you have done 100+ times otherwise it might be awkward as you stumble around covering your topic.
  • Timeliness – Don’t worry about setting a strict time, as this keeps obligations to a minimum but setting a time/schedule in advance can help your audience ‘tune in’.
  • Use Banners accordingly to ‘announce’ tune-in times for your Sessions.

More thoughts on ‘Sessions” can be found here.

Add Your Twitch Stream to Consultdex

Step 1:

  • Identify username on Twitch (example:

Step 2:

  • Input said username on your profile page: [edgetech]

Step 3:

  • Launch a livestream through OBS!


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